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With his book, White House Usher: Stories from the Inside, former usher Chris Emery gives his readers a peek inside what happens upstairs at the White House. Chris’ anecdotes tell a rich story of how America’s house really is the First Families’ home. I loved my trip down memory lane.  - Former First Lady Barbara Bush (October 2017)


Chris' BIO

Chris Emery has extensive experience in Information Technology, including over 25 years federal service in progressive IT leadership roles with the following agencies:

  • The White House
  • United States Congress
  • Department of the Treasury
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Justice

Chris has been the head of Applications Development, a Chief Enterprise Architect, and a CIO. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Information Systems Management from the University of Maryland and has published articles and presented on the topics of Enterprise Architecture and Portfolio Management.

From January 1986, until March 1994, Chris was involved in one of the more unique levels of the Federal Government. He was an Usher in the White House. The Ushers Office is the managing office for The White House Executive Residence, the home of the First Family. He was only the eighteenth White House Usher since 1891, and had the honor and privilege of working at the White House for over eight years, which included three years during the Reagan White House, four years during the term of President Bush, and fourteen months under President Clinton.​

White House Usher: Stories from the Inside

Click on link below to see Chris' Fox-5 Interview from November 28th 


Your book was exquisitely written and was a pure joy to read. It took several hours to read! I enjoyed some of the stories so much that I went back to re-read them and chuckle a little more. I am sincerely grateful that you bounced back and have been able to put a lousy situation behind you and land on your feet with your pride, dignity and integrity intact. Best read I've had in several years. Thank you for sharing your story! _MSgt (Ret), USAF

The first-hand stories chronicled in this book are not only illuminating and entertaining, they are an important witness to history. No doubt, many of the anecdotes herein will be referenced in future works. Emery wisely downplays any personal political bias, but reading between the lines, it's evident that there may have been some favorite individuals among those he served. The fact that former First Lady Barbara Bush provided a foreword to the book certainly would indicate that some respect and affection is certainly reciprocated. _Reader from Fulton, Md.

Christopher Emery gives the reader a delightfully candid account of his 'no hope', initial job application, [thinking that a rejection letter from the White House would be a source of humour to his friends] through his acceptance to the post of White House Usher and subsequent years supporting and facilitating the daily lives of three US Presidential families.   Emery gives an honest and accurate account of life and the workings of the White House and brings warmth and humour that will bring reassurance to the reader that despite being the pinnacle of power, the White House is also very much a family home. His anecdotes and stories are written in an easy to read style and cover a host of topics that offer both interest and insight. _Reader from Great Britain.

This is a lively look behind the scenes at the White House residence by someone who was there during the Reagan, Bush and Clinton presidencies. Everything looks seamless to the public and the press, but the reality described here is sometimes slapstick. Author Christopher Emery has a sharp and respectful eye for the history he was privileged to see. _Reader from Washington DC.

Chris Emery's White House diary won't be tonight's breaking news, but his story could have been. His restraint, his failure to dish dirt on his powerful and famous employers, is truly admirable. But it doesn't make this book any less interesting. So much seems clearer to me now, with the benefit of 30 years of hindsight and seeing Reagan, Bush, and Clinton through Chris Emery's lens. _Reader from Sarasota, Florida.